About Us

Moose and Sheep are two hobby crafters who have run out of space to store our creations and relatives to gift the majority of them to for holidays.   Between us we have filled a 5 bedroom house with STUFF – UFOs (Unfinished Objects),  WIPs (Works in Progress),  FOs (Finished Objects), and tools and materials for our various hobbies.   Oh yes, and the garage (sort of – that’s a work in progress in itself right now).   What do we make?  Well, we both knit, crochet, and spin fibre.   Megan also weaves, sews, quilts, and several other hobbies.  Bruce also does pottery and PMC jewelry.  So between yarn, fabric, and clay we make a lot of stuff.  Mostly one of a kind – although Bruce does try to make pottery sets.  This website hopefully shows what we have available for sale, which we mostly do at craft fairs locally (which in this year of Covid aren’t happening).   If the shop is up, one of us has managed to find the time to actually photograph and list things.   If it’s down, we’ve noticed that we’ve been remiss with updates.  Feel free to browse, and contact us if you wish – there’s a link at the bottom of every page (I hope).